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The Timeless series is an exclusive face and décolleté care for damaged or prematurely aged skin. High-dose mistletoe extracts paired with silk proteins ensure an optimal feeling on the skin and can produce firming effects. Mistletoe has been used to heal the skin and strengthen the immune system in the past. Today, the active ingredient in the Timeless series supports radiantly beautiful, smooth skin.

The Timeless series stands for a leveled skin regardless of age.
Trust in proven active ingredients. From today forever.

  • This uniquely creamy foam ensures an exceptional pampering experience - even while cleansing your face! The mild cleansing care contains highly effective propylene glycol for maximum moisture. Aloe vera and exclusive mistletoe extract soothe the skin and keep it smooth. High-quality oleic acids also leave the skin feeling silky. The sensual fragrance of rose, geranium, lily and lilac caresses your soul and rounds off the daily care moment. Enjoy your wellness break!
  • Noticeably more elasticity and smoothness - in no time at all! Timeless A-Xion is the optimal daily care solution for dry, mature combination skin. The breezy, light facial foam immediately provides the skin with new energy. Valuable, natural mistletoe extract promotes skin cell regeneration and enables it as well as the hyaluronic acid to absorb moisture better and store it long-term. Milk peptides also support the elasticity of the skin. Look forward to a noticeably soft skin feeling and a youthful, fresh, energized complexion!
  • Pamper your demanding skin with our high-quality face mask based on exclusive mistletoe extract. The innovative active ingredient was used in antiquity to strengthen the immune system and supports the cell regeneration of your skin in our extensive Timeless Active Mask. The cells are protected from damaging environmental influences, and the skin is regenerated from the inside. Dryness wrinkles are alleviated and can even be prevented with regular use. After just one application, the skin appears visibly smooth, feels wonderfully supple and radiates youthfulness.
  • Our skin is at top performance while we sleep. Especially demanding skin needs tailor-made night care, which stimulates the cell‘s repair mechanism and regenerates the skin to the maximum until morning.
    Timeless Intensive Care has been specially tailored to the needs of demanding skin and, thanks to innovative mistletoe extract, supports the immune system in strengthening itself and boosting cell repair. Valuable jojoba oil penetrates deep into the lower layers of the skin to enrich them with active ingredients, and fine silk proteins form a protective film on the skin. The result: a radiant, even and youthful-fresh reflection the next morning!
  • If your skin is tight and prone to dryness lines, daily moisturizing care is the be-all and end-all! Our Timeless Moisturising Care is the optimal, daily care solution for dehydrated, demanding skin. The exclusive cream convinces with its wonderfully light texture and highly active ingredients: natural mistletoe extract and jojoba oil regenerate the skin structure and prevent the loss of moisture in the skin cells. High-quality hyaluronic acid provides soothing moisture. Your skin feels soft and supple again and is visibly plump and timelessly beautiful!
  • The sensitive eye area requires targeted and very well tolerated care. Our high quality and effective eye care TIMELESS SOON FUTURE EYE CARE protects the sensitive skin around the eyes and provides them with soothing care that also has a smoothing effect and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to the delicate cream base, eye care does not creep and spread. TIMELESS SOON FUTURE EYE CARE contains highly active ingredients which are used in homoeopathy for relief when the eye is irritated, the eyelids are swollen and the tear fluid burns. Other botanical extracts such as Iris Florentina and Ricinus help to optimally care for and care for sensitive skin. Hyaluron provides the delicate skin around the eyes with moisture and smoothes fine lines. Valuable mistletoe extract also strengthens the skin‘s immune system. Let your eyes shine!
  • Timeless beauty - at any age!
    Timeless Soon Future Facial Care is the intensely nourishing anti-ageing care for mature skin. The luxurious 24-hour formula provides the skin with a rich nutrient cocktail, vitamins and plant extracts.
    Developed according to the highest standards, using molecular modelling techniques, the active ingredient Inyline ™ gently relaxes the facial muscles. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed and effectively fought, premature skin ageing is slowed down, and the skin appears visibly plumped up and receives a youthful glow. Pamper your skin at the highest level with Timeless Soon Future Facial Care!